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We believe in...

Mutually Transformative Relationships

All of our lives are enriched as we interact with cultural humility and learn from one another. Beyond the core services provided by resettlement standards with process and outcome goals, our investment is in people. We’re neighbors.

People of Faith and People of Goodwill

Our community is made stronger as all work together towards a common mission of welcoming our new neighbors. Dozens of partnering organizations including both religious and civic groups have joined this network. In the midst of a divided world, these partnerships are a beautiful picture of how collaboration brings peace to the community and holistic support to those who need it.

Empowerment and Sustainability

The ability to do things independently in their new setting ultimately gives our new neighbors more agency over their own lives and enhances their ability to truly thrive in America. We aim to create safe spaces for new neighbors to practice independence as they grow in their understanding of established community systems and how to live within them.

Restoring Hope and Rebuilding Futures

Realizing they may never be able to return home, refugees face an overwhelming loss of hope. Alongside local partners, we work to combat this by helping families find housing, learn English, pursue employment, build friendships, and create long-term support systems.

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