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Core Services

Apartment Kitchen

Pre-Arrival Services

  • Apply for and receive approval for housing

  • Gather personal hygiene items, household items,
    furniture, and seasonal clothing

  • Wash kitchen kit items (pots, pans, cups, utensils, etc.)

  • Grocery shopping

  • Set up kitchen with the kitchen kit

  • Set up temporary or permanent housing living spaces

Senior Couple in Airport

Reception Services

  • Airport welcome

  • Interpretation/translation

  • Transportation to the fully furnished living space

  • Provide a culturally appropriate, ready-to-eat meal

  • Ensure immediate material needs

Studying in Library

Resettlement Services

  • Community Connection

  • Education

  • Financial Orientation

  • Health/Mental Health Access

  • Housing

  • Language Learning Access

  • Legal Services

  • Student/Youth Services

  • Transportation

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